Jan 2019 – Personality Types, Lunch and Catch Up

A man plus group of women

Happy New Year

This was our first treat of 2019 and luckily this year the weather was on our side.  Quite a few of us made it but there are still a few members either in hospital or not well enough to make it.  Our thoughts are with them and we hope to see them in February.

Sainsburys, Nether Edge, Sheffield kindly donated some more treats which included bucks fizz and chocolates, so we settled into our cosy room at Clifford House and toasted the New Year.  Thanks again Sainsbury’s, we really appreciate it.

We were lucky enough to try something completely different this time, thanks to Jon Colman of Red Vanilla.  A fun session about different personality types and how they affect our day to day life.  Squares, Circles, Triangles, Squiggles and Rectangles definitely gave us all something to think about (as you can see from the images).

Lunch arrived and as usual this was prepared by St Lukes, Clifford House and was delicious. Homemade tomato and pepper soup, sandwiches and cakes…yum

Following lunch everyone relaxed and caught up on each others news.  We always have plenty to talk about and share tips with each other to help with our situation.  Its always good to see each other and the support and comfort from that is enormous.

Please Note – next month, February, we will be meeting on Monday 4th instead of Friday 1st.  We will be at Clifford House again.

Hope to see you then…


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