March 2019 – Coffee, Fun Dance Session and Lunch

A group of women having lunch

Early March can be a bit miserable so this treat was a ray of sunshine as we prepare ourselves for the spring, which is just around the corner now.  We welcomed 2 new members, Jus and Diane to the club.  Hopefully we haven’t put them off!

To start the day we met at Endcliffe Park Cafe who had kindly agreed to donate a free drink to each member.  This is a lovely family friendly cafe within the central area of the park, just besides the famous memorial to the American airmen who lost their lives there during WW2.  The menu looked very inviting but we had just eaten our breakfast so perhaps next time…

Women outside a cafe
Fully refreshed outside Endcliffe Park Cafe

After we had all caught up with each other it was time to make our way to the fun dance session kindly donated by Katy Robinson at Fitness Fusion.  Katy is a lovely person and made us all feel very welcome and relaxed.  She went through a dance routine from Chorus Line and we could all go at our own pace; which was pretty slow!  I doubt we will win Strictly but we did have loads of laughter.  Just what we need.

To round of the day we then went over to Bistro Pierre for a late lunch which was really lovely.  The choice was very good and there was something for everyone.  Bistro Pierre very kindly donated a soft drink to everyone.  We had plenty of time to chat, offer each other advice and tips etc before calling it a day.  Being with each other is really valuable in helping us to cope with our situation.

Next month, April 4th, we will be meeting at Clifford House.  Please note this meeting will be on Thursday.  

As usual we send all our love and best wishes to our members who couldn’t make it and hope to see you all next time…

1 thought on “March 2019 – Coffee, Fun Dance Session and Lunch”

  1. Christine Donson

    Hi Christine

    Thank you for contacting us. Clifford House is managed and run by St Lukes hospice and is in the south side of Sheffield. It might be worth you checking with your local hospice to see what they have on offer. Clifford House offer activities to patients and carers and is a very lovely resource and it may be that there may be something similar close to you.

    I’m afraid I can’t help you with East Yorkshire as we tend to do most of our activities in Sheffield and surrounding areas. The cancer treat club is run by the members who all have incurable cancer so unfortunately we cannot expand beyond what we already provide as we do not have the resources.

    I would check with Macmillan to see what they offer. A lot of our members have secondary breast cancer and also attend the Secondary BC meetings provided by Breast Cancer Care which are also very supportive.

    Sorry I cannot be of more help

    Take Care


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