Nov 2018 Treat – Yvonne McAuley at Clifford House

Some of our club members

To kick off this month’s treat we started by opening the kind donations from Sainsburys, Nether Edge, Sheffield.  Chocolates, bucks fizz and a really nice selection of prepared fresh fruit.  We settled down to welcome Yvonne McAuley, who had kindly come along to give information on vegan certified skincare, cosmetics and nutrition products that don’t contain any nasty chemicals.  Something that is very important to us now.

As you can see from the images we had fun.  Yvonne helped us to apply the gel eye masks which were very soothing once in place.  There was more than the odd titter when she pulled the Genius Ultra out of the bag.  Good to see we haven’t lost it yet!!

The Genius Ultra emits gentle, low level ultrasound waves to help push the product onto the various layers of the skin by getting into the ridges. It was very warm and soothing.  After we had tried out the products and all looked 10 years younger it was time to say many thanks and goodbye to Yvonne.  We really appreciate someone giving up their time to come along to our meet ups.

Lunch then arrived which was delicious soup, sandwiches and homemade style cake.

Fully refreshed we rounded of a lovely meet up with a coffee and chat.

Emma brought us all up to date with the information she had gained at the Europa Donna conference she attended recently.  Europa Donna is a European Breast Cancer coalition.  Click or tap here  to find out more about the organisation.

All too soon it was time to go home.  We are always ready to welcome new members so if you are unlucky enough to qualify for our club please consider coming along and join in a few hours fun.

See you all next time…. 

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